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Updated My Blog!

I’ve made some changes to my blog, some of which you will have noticed already! In the typical nerdy fashion I will list all the changes, so you don’t have to hunt 😛 Portfolio page added! FINALLY I have added my portfolio page! It only has two sites, including this blog, but at least it’s […]

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Should I Buy a Nexus One Phone?

If you didn’t know already I spent the Christmas holidays in St. Lucia. Despite being somewhat reimbursed by my uncle I still spent quite a bit of money on that trip. If you also didn’t know, the new Google phone, the Nexus One came out yesterday and it looks really good. It’s way better than […]

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Going to St. Lucia for Christmas

I was thinking about asking T-Mobile how being in another country would affect my phone because in the world we live in today it’s all about being connected. To something. Facebook, friend, place Internet whatever. Then I realized that I’m anti-social and that there are few people that I really care about and that I […]

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Hello World!

I’ve done enough first posts now that I want to try and be original and now I don’t know what to say. I’ve been inspired by my[?] muse (a new favourite word I’ve discovered :P) to start blogging again. I’ve just seen FireFox underline a word in that previous sentence (if you’re clever you’ll find […]

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