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Setting up LAMP Server with CentOS Part 2

In a previous post I wrote a tutorial for quickly setting up a LAMP server. One of the reasons you might want to do this is to create a web hosting server. If you follow the steps in the article, then right now only you can upload files to the server. This post will talk […]

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Setting up LAMP Server with CentOS

One of the components of my undergraduate research class is to learn how to be a Linux administrator and as part of that, one of my tasks is to learn how to set up a LAMP server. Part of the reason for doing this, is that the particular server that I am setting up will […]

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wicd network manager

How to Solve the “Could not connect to wicd’s D-Bus interface.” Error on Ubuntu 13.10

wicd network manager

I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been lazy and busy with school work. Recently I messed up my Ubuntu installation and needed to re-install. I downloaded the latest version of Ubuntu, which at the time of writing was Ubuntu 13.10. From my previous post, you will note that I initially installed with 12.10, so […]

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[How To] Play Co-Op Doom Online With The PC Version

I can’t consider you an FPS gamer until you’ve had a Doom nightmare or two. Doom is the game that started it all, just look at any successful modern FPS and you’ll see it pretty much copies this 19 year old game. Take Call of Duty for example – the story is pretty much pointless, […]

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