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Evo 3D One Year Update

Generally about a year (sometimes less) after a phone is released it’s available for free or cheap, and those looking to get a new smart phone but don’t want to spend the coin on the latest thing can get in on some smartphone action. For this reason I have decided to do a one year […]

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Seido Surface Case for Evo 3D Review

I’ve been using an Otterbox Commuter case for a while and I bought it because I heard good things about it. Unfortunately the two that I’ve had didn’t fit my phone properly and I couldn’t be bothered to constantly get replacements. I assume Otterbox has fixed this, but I’ve moved on. For some reason, the […]

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Evo 3D Review

Scroll down to the bottom for the tl;dr and a link to download some sample 3D images. Evo 3D full specs. I’ve had my Evo 3D for a week now. I decided to upgrade from my Nexus One as Sprint was offering $125 service credit if I switched. I thought I’d take advantage and get […]

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CES 2011

I’ve been following CES 2011, sort of. Not everything, mostly phones and a few tablets. I am especially interested in the phones that were shown as my contract is up in February. I don’t wish to stick with T-Mobile which means I’d also have to give up my Nexus One. Which is sad as it’s […]

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