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My name is Raj (short for Rajesh). I was born in England and lived there for 17 years before I moved to America in 2005. I made my first web site in 2002 (when I was still in high school) when a group of friends gave me the task of researching what it would take for us to get a web site for our gaming team. At the time I wanted to be a game programmer, but after learning more about web design, I was hooked and ever since then I have been passionate about creating clean, functional and easy to use web sites.

My love for technology does not stop there – in the information technology industry, it is important to keep up with changes and trends and I am continuously reinventing myself by learning new languages and technologies. As a result, web design and development is only part of my skill set. I am also an Android developer and have a few apps that are on the Google Play store.

When I am not coding in my spare time I like to play video games, drive my awesome sports car and go out with friends.