Evo 3D One Year Update

Generally about a year (sometimes less) after a phone is released it’s available for free or cheap, and those looking to get a new smart phone but don’t want to spend the coin on the latest thing can get in on some smartphone action. For this reason I have decided to do a one year update for my Evo 3D to see if it’s worth purchasing and even keeping for the next year or two (contracts in America typically last two years and most people buy on contract). I suggest you read my original review to be more informed as I won’t be repeating anything. It’s been exactly one year and one month since I wrote that, and now that Android 4, Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) has been released, now is an appropriate time for a long term update.

My recommendation summed up in one sentence is: the phone is great, but I don’t recommend buying the Evo 3D on Sprint…

Go back and read that again. Yes I said that. Allow me to explain. Besides Japan and Canada, oh and I guess America, it’s mainly 3rd world countries that use CDMA. On top of that Sprint’s 4G isn’t real 4G, it’s WiMax, which is now dying a slow death in favor of LTE. Thank God. Because of this, Sprint is now discontinuing the Evo 3D as WiMax won’t be supported. So really, if you want an Evo 3D, I suggest you live in a country that has the GSM version. My 4G service has been okay, but I hate the idea that it’s a separate antenna that has to be turned on. When I do get 4G service (which is pretty much everywhere except college -_-) the service is pretty decent, especially if the most I’ll do on my phone is watching a YouTube HD video.

In my original review, I stated that the 4G signal was weaker than the orignal Evo 4G. Neither Sprint or HTC has done anything to address this with a software update, which leads me to believe it was just inferior hardware. With that being said, I’d like to repeat I still get a good signal anyway.

As far as 3D goes, it seems to have been a fad. I had hoped that developers might do something with this technology, but either way I’m not bothered as I never bought the phone for it’s 3D capabilities anyway. I’ll leave that to the Nintendo 3DS kiddies to be amazed by this largely pointless technology. The real reason I bought this phone was the huge hardware and performance upgrade over my Nexus One. Even today, the phone rarely slows down and still handles anything I throw at it. Originally, many people complained about the screen size, but I’ve found it to be perfect. Battery life has been okay, but I’ve bought an extended slim battery that gives me an extra hour or three depending on how much I use it.

With the update to ICS comes an upgrade to Sense 3.6. If you’ve never used HTC’s Sense interface, you’ll get used to it and won’t be as bothered by the changes as I am. The one thing in particular I hate is that you can’t edit the lock screen widgets individually, instead they mirror the home screen launch bar. Personally, I think this should be an option. Another thing I dislike is the new Google Talk. The emoticons look rubbish and I prefer the older ones and there is no way to change them.

With all of these great new phones coming out, such as the HTC One series and the Galaxy Nexus, I’m not that bothered about keeping up with them. My Evo 3D still does everything I need and the only thing I feel it’s missing is a true 4G service. I also haven’t had any hardware or software issues (having said that, as soon as I publish this post it’ll break, just watch) so I feel that I’ve gotten some robust software and hardware.

To summarize: HTC hasn’t failed me yet, if there are any major issues with this phone, it’s because of Sprint (slow to update to ICS, poor 4G technology, overpriced bill -_-) and not the actual phone itself. As I said, Sprint has discontinued the Evo 3D , so if you really want one, you have to be on a GSM network and get the GSM version. If you want to buy one for 3D, why? I’ve got maybe one app, one game and one movie in 3D on my phone and all are pretty meh. In fact, 3D in general is pretty meh. The camera still takes great 2D pictures though and I still enjoy that dedicated camera button!

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