Logitech M510 Review

I’ve been wanting a wireless mouse for my laptop for a while now. I’ve tried two already – I went the cheap route and guess what? They were terrible. What a surprise.

So as I was shopping for a headset I decided to look for a mouse too. I’m not sure what are the ‘good’ mice manufacturers (outside of gaming mice manufacturers), but I’ve always liked Logitech’s mice, so I decided to see what they have. I decided on the M510 because it has two side buttons. Not entirely essential but I always like having them and my gaming mice couldn’t live without them. It should be noted, this mice isn’t going to be used for gaming and I don’t really recommend wireless mice for gaming.

First thing I’d like to say is that this isn’t a tiny laptop mouse, it’s simply a regular sized mouse, except with no wires. I honestly didn’t know this before I bought it, however, tiny mice are pretty annoying, so having a regular sized one is actually quite nice. Installing the mouse is incredibly easy on Windows 7. You simply plug in the tiny RF receiver and that’s it. Once you switch the mouse on it will automatically detect it and it works within seconds (from the time you plug in the receiver). No software was packaged with the mouse, there was a manual with it, but I never opened it. It works flawlessly out of the box! I imagine Logitech’s web site might have some configuration software, but out of the box works perfectly fine.

The mouse is also for right handed people. Well, a left handed person could use it, however the side buttons are on the left, which are easily accessible by thumb if you’re right handed, but I would imagine pretty awkward to do so with your little finger if you’re left handed. I suppose if you’re left handed you’re pretty used to being screwed anyway 😛 The mouse has great ergonomics for us righties though and feels perfect. The laser tracking is pretty good too, as long as the batteries are full. The ones that it came with seemed to be depleted (almost) so I replaced the two AA batteries with fresh ones and it works flawlessly.

Finally, I am not sure if this is a “couch mouse” and I have no intention of finding out. Overall I think this is the perfect wireless mouse for a PC and in my case, for my laptop. Some people might prefer something smaller (heheheh) for their laptop, but if you don’t mind a regular sized mouse, this one is great.

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