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Corsair Vengeance 1500 First Impressions

I’ve finally replaced my headset and I went with the Corsair Vengeance 1500. Yeah I know what that sounds like too =) I thought there has to be something out there for gaming headsets that’s better than the G35, and I looked at some reviews of some gaming headsets, the other two I considered were […]

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – First Impressions

Thanks to some underground connections, black market trading and a few broken laws I’ve managed to acquire a CS:GO beta key. I played CS back when it was a MOD and I played Source ever since it came out, in fact Source is my favorite multiplayer game of all time. I never had so much […]

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Mass Effect 3 Review

Bioware has delivered something Valve can’t – the final game in a trilogy, Mass Effect 3. I’ve reached the end of Shephard’s journey and although in my opinion, the ending left a lot to be desired, the ride was one of the most thrilling I’ve ever had in a game. If you plan on getting […]

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Forza Horizon Announced and Why this Pisses Me Off

Read the announcement here. Long story short, Horizon is a spin off (lol car puns galore) of the series being developed by Playground studios. Playground employs talent that created games like Colin McRae, DiRT, TOCA and Grid. Whilst these games are pretty good, they mostly have an arcade-ish feel to them overall (with the exception […]

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First Impressions of Windows 8

I have installed the Windows 8 consumer preview and my first impression was, WTF is this: Seriously, on the start up screen when Windows is loading, where you’d normally see an animated Windows logo, they have this instead. This is also the default desktop background. I’m sure there is some complicated reasoning behind it but […]

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