Android App – GGC Connect

GGC Connect is an Android App created for students and faculty of Georgia Gwinnett College. The purpose of the app is to make navigating campus easier and provide access to information on the go. The app was originally a school project but has been open-sourced on Github so it can be kept up to date.

I worked on this project as part of a team and was part of every development stage. As a team we decided on what features we wanted to include in the Android app. I worked mainly on the class schedule feature which allowed users to add the classes they were taking to a personalized schedule and also the home screen layout and design.

During the requirements stage we talked about what features we wanted to include in the Android app. Since students would be the main type of users we were in a position to determine what features might actually be useful. Having said that, gathering information from target users would have been ideal, but since we only had one semester to work on it, there would not be enough time.

The design stage is where a lot of the Android app’s work was done. I created design documents for my features including paper prototypes, UML diagrams and use case models. I also made a major contribution to the programming of the app, including programming the features and creating the layout/user interface.

The Android app was presented at a convention held by the school, which allowed the app the to grow in popularity. We also used this as an opportunity to receive feedback from users and adjust our requirements accordingly.

By the end of the semester the Android app had about 100 users according to the Google Play store. I did not get to add all the features that I wanted to, but I am continuously updating it whenever I need to via GitHub.