Bit Day Android Live Wallpaper

Bit Day is a live wallpaper for Android. The application is a set of images that represents different times of day and the live wallpaper application changes the wallpaper based on the current time.

Although this was a simple application, there was still a lot of work that went into it, especially as far as optimization goes. The way Android handles Bitmaps (images) natively was not efficient and extra code had to be written to ensure optimal performance on a wide range of devices.

No software project is perfect at version 1 and Bit Day live wallpaper was no exception. Although the initial version did what it was supposed to do, some devices experienced performance problems such as out of memory errors. This was due to the way the original images were resized, a method that will later have to be refactored. To get around these performance issues, I created a memory cache for resized images. In addition, since the draw method (the method that gets called when the home screen is visible) was constantly being called, the resizing method was also being called. Reducing calls to this method by checking to see if a new image needed to be generated greatly improved performance.

Finally, this is the first app that I published to the Google Play store, which is an experience itself. Overall the experience was good, I received helpful feedback and at the time of writing, the app has a good rating (4.3/5).