Corsair Vengeance 1500 First Impressions

I’ve finally replaced my headset and I went with the Corsair Vengeance 1500. Yeah I know what that sounds like too =)

I thought there has to be something out there for gaming headsets that’s better than the G35, and I looked at some reviews of some gaming headsets, the other two I considered were the Astro A40 and the Sennheiser PC 360. Both of which are stupid expensive, the Corsair on the other hand was on sale at $70 (usually $100) and I bought it the same time I got a new laptop mouse (Logitech M510, which will arrive later, in “Wine Red” [it was the cheapest color]).

Taking it out the box and looking at it, it looks okay. One thing is that the headphone thingies (go away) are made of this soft velvet like material and putting them on feels like putting your head between two pillows, it’s really comfortable, they clearly thought about their users when developing it.

So far I’ve had no complaints about the mic, I seem to be coming through clearly and no one has complained on Skype. The controls for the headset are inline, which feels so archaic after using the G35’s controls which are on the side of the headset. Another thing is the volume is REALLY loud. On half volume the G35 sounds fine, but hurts my ears with the 1500’s. I have to be on about 25% to feel comfortable.

I did my usual test with Battlefield 3, I played from the beginning and ended the FA-18 level. Although this lacks the bass the G35 had, sounds are more clear and crisp on the 1500 and overall, for that session it sounded good to me. However I’m not sure I got the right experience, as the software is confusing. It has 3 buttons for default stereo mode, 5.1 Dolby Surround and a 3rd button for 7.1 virtual surround. None of this was obvious at first and the only reason I know all this is because I Google’d it.

I am going to play some more games to test it out and when I can watch some decent TV shows I’ll write a proper review. So far I like it, much more than I did an overpriced DJ headphone that I once tried -_-

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