Forza Horizon Announced and Why this Pisses Me Off

Read the announcement here.

Long story short, Horizon is a spin off (lol car puns galore) of the series being developed by Playground studios. Playground employs talent that created games like Colin McRae, DiRT, TOCA and Grid. Whilst these games are pretty good, they mostly have an arcade-ish feel to them overall (with the exception of the CMR games). Using this knowledge my guess is that Horizon is going to be more like Need for Speed in terms of gameplay and presentation. And this is what pisses me off.

I mean, isn’t Forza 4 accessible enough? The difficulty settings can be tweaked to make this a somewhat a realistic sim, all the way down to an arcade racer that’s easy for anyone to play. What could they possibly add to Horizon, that shouldn’t be a feature in FM4? Kinect only? Sad. Rally? I’d be disappointed in Turn 10 if they did, this should be on FM4 anyway.

I feel like it’s going to be just another money maker  and you know what? Chances are I’ll buy it, being  a Forza fanboy -_- I’m mostly writing this post because it hasn’t even been a year since they released FM4, I still haven’t got all the DLC, which by the way you have to pay for and now they’re trying to milk the series to get more money. I’m just worried that this will turn into the Call of Duty of racing games, but we’ll see.

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