First Impressions of Windows 8

I have installed the Windows 8 consumer preview and my first impression was, WTF is this:

Seriously, on the start up screen when Windows is loading, where you’d normally see an animated Windows logo, they have this instead. This is also the default desktop background. I’m sure there is some complicated reasoning behind it but I thought it a bit weird. I don’t think many people would understand what it means and to be honest it looks a bit silly. At first I thought I had downloaded some sort of virus!

The start menu has been replaced with the big grid thing that takes up the full screen. I think it looks nice, but honestly, I’d rather have the desktop, which by the way is an option. I only opened the thing once, installed Skype and Steam, played one round of a game on Steam and that’s it. Drivers for graphics and Logitech keyboard and headset installed perfectly.

My only issue is turning it off/restarting. You have to go to the start screen (you can get to it by pressing the Windows key), click on settings and then Shut down/restart. A whole lot less semantic than the old “Start -> Shutdown” and I really hope they fix this. I spent almost a minute trying to find it!

Finally, I don’t know if I will upgrade to 8 when it comes out. Windows 7 supports Direct X fully and it’s still a solid operating system. 8 seems more like a visual upgrade. Of course I haven’t seen everything, so a purchasing decision won’t be made until after it’s been released. I know I will definitely never use Mac OS though -_-

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