Going To Review Black Ops Soon

I’ve been told to wait until they fix the technical issues that have plagued the game, but I think it’s been long enough and I feel like I should write a review. However, with GT5 arriving soon, I might get distracted, long enough to put off writing the review. I’m still affected by Black Ops “stuttering” problem.

Now, I don’t know if I should mention this in my review or not, it certainly has affected my enjoyment of the game so far, but I’m sure it will be fixed in the future. It’s so sad that games are released unfinished and untested these days. But I don’t think it’s fair, especially with the state of the economy right now that developers and publishers are almost stealing money from us! I’m amazed at how gaming websites like IGN and Gamespot can rate some of these awful games so high. Gametrailers.com, a site I usually trust gave Black Ops 9.3! It’s nowhere near worth a 9! Black Ops was truly the Windows Vista [Me/95/insert buggy Windows release here] of game releases.

With that said, my collectors edition GT5 has been shipped. I hope this game is more enjoyable than the other crap games that were released with year. Though looking at EA and Activision’s catalog, that won’t be hard to achieve.

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