St. Lucia

So I went to St. Lucia for the Christmas holidays and it sucks now that I’m back in Georgia. It was amazing! I really wanted to stay. I am currently uploading my camera pics to Facebook (eugh!) and I am gonna ask my uncle for their camera pics as well.

I did a lot of things whilst I was there. Of course I went to the beach, three times. The first time we went, we climbed a mountain first, then came down for a swim in the ocean, drank and watched the sun set before driving home. The sunset was gorgeous! Another time we had a BBQ/beach party type thing lol. That was fun, I ate a lot and took a swim in the ocean. But the ocean decided when it was time to get out, as the waves got really strong. Again, another beautiful sunset.

We also drove through an active volcano. Well, it was a smelly sulfuric volcano! That was kinda cool. That was the same day we drove around the whole island. Got a tour of the whole place and stopped at different viewing points. Tried the local beer as well. It tasted like… Beer. I have never noticed the difference between different beers.

Christmas day was great! We had a party at our house. My uncle was intent on getting me drunk! Worked though haha. We opened presents in the morning and then prepared the food. Then in the evening it’s a huge party lol. It was fun, I ate and drank a lot lol 😀

We also went to Coconut Bay. It’s a hotel resort type place with swimming pools, a jacuzzi and water slides. That was lots of fun. The water slide scared the shit out of me, since I can’t swim and I’ve never been on one before. Needless to say I enjoyed the adrenaline rush and screamed like a girl on the way down lmao! That was also the first time my family saw me get drunk. The thing is, we had a day pass, which was all inclusive – all the food and drink was free. Yes FREE! So I thought “why the hell not?” and got drunk on like vodka and rum lol. Lunch was free too, they had a restaurant with a buffet and yup, that was all free and eat as much as you like!

I wish I had stayed over into the new year. I had to leave on the 31st :(. They usually have a beach party and they had a blue moon this year! Didn’t want to take any more days off work which is why I had to come back. Next time I go I’ll book way more time!

I enjoyed myself a lot and really want to go back again some time. Now I just need some money, damnit!

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