Should I Buy a Nexus One Phone?

If you didn’t know already I spent the Christmas holidays in St. Lucia. Despite being somewhat reimbursed by my uncle I still spent quite a bit of money on that trip. If you also didn’t know, the new Google phone, the Nexus One came out yesterday and it looks really good. It’s way better than my phone, the G1, which is now old and slow. Should I decide to buy one, I have two options:

(1) Since it’s on T-Mobile, I can buy it for $180 and extend my contract for another 2 years. My problem with this is that I hate T-Mobile. Their 3G coverage in Georgia is rubbish. I have about another year left on my contract and I’m thinking I should just wait till it runs out before buying something else and just live with my G1.

(2) I could buy the phone unlocked for $529. I know it’s a lot, which is normal for smartphones, but the thing is, I should be able to use my existing SIM card, which means, I wouldn’t have to extend my contract. The thing is, the phone will be GSM compatible, but not CDMA compatible. They are working on making one that will work with Verizon. Ideally I’d like to switch to either Sprint or Verizon. I don’t know what Sprint’s coverage is like, but I know they are cheap. However, Verizon’s coverage is good, but would be the most expensive.

I reckon by the time I decide what I want there will be something else out. Meh.

P.S.: Working on writing a post about St. Lucia 🙂

UPDATE: I’ve decided not to buy the phone. I’d have to buy it unlocked to use my SIM card and current plan. Not only that, but I’m not hearing great things about it with T-Mobile’s 3G coverage. The battery life isn’t that great, yet it is to be expected but there are no extended batteries available for purchase yet. May as well wait for my contract to run out before buying something else.

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